Please note that The Acting Witan Of Mercia does not necessarily agree with the views of the linked organisations (listed in alphabetical order):

Independent Mercia Facebook Page
– the official Facebook page of the Acting Witan of Mercia.

Planet Centred Forum
Planet Centred Forum is a network of people concerned for all life on Earth. It aims to look at the problems facing our planet and their causes from nature’s point of view, not just in terms of human needs and concerns.

Population Matters – increasing awareness of the cost to humanity and members of other species of unsustainable human numbers.

Tha Engliscan Gesithas (The English Companions) – a society for all those interested in the history and culture of Anglo-Saxon England, including the language and literature, archaeology, anthropology, architecture, art, religion, mythology, folklore and material culture.

Transition Towns – a growing movement of self-reliant, self-sufficient cities, towns and villages benefiting from cooperative community to face up to climate change and ‘peak oil’.

– the page on the Acting Witan of Mercia in this web-based encyclopaedia.

Witan Creations – the website of Jeff Kent, the convener of the Acting Witan of Mercia, from which our Mercia Manifesto and Constitution of Mercia publications can be purchased.




Alternative Green, a radical localist magazine founded around the ideas of Richard
Hunt.  For details e-mail .  Price £3.00 per copy.  Also
available: Back issues of Alternative Green and early issues of Green
Anarchist at various prices.  Postal Address, c/o P.O. Box 4217, Hornchurch, Essex, RM12 4PJ


Alternative Green Issue 44:

Contents: Work, Rest and Play: A Complex Equation; A Flourishing Green Movement, Décroissance in France;  ‘Rolf Gardiner: Folk, Nature and Culture in Interwar Britain’;  Gaia;  Political Radicalism and the Internet;  Taxation;  News and Views

Alternative Green Issue 43:

Contents: News and Views; Smart Money: The Knowledge of Debt; Further Discussion on Climate Change; Articles on Immigration, Inventors, Inventors in electricity, Electricity.

Alternative Green Issue 42:

Contents: News, The Path of the Northland: a Review of a Study of Ecological Ideas and Activism, The Legacy of Samuel Huntington, The
Sutton Hoo Society in Conference, Nuclear Notes (three articles), 2010: The Traffic of Time, Our Brother the Ox.

Alternative Green Issue 41:

News, The Origins of the Organic Movement, Wayne John Sturgeon of Alternative Green Interviews Steven Davis of the Campaign for an
English Parliament, Alternative Green and the Transition Town Movement, Wayne John Sturgeon of Alternative Green Interviews Geoffrey Littlejohns, Member of the English Democrats Party, Review – We are All Cannibals: ‘The Beginning was the End’ by Oscar Kiss Maerth; Review – ‘Real England: The Battle Against The Bland’ by Paul Kingsnorth; Wayne John Sturgeon Interviews a Lay Official of the Independent Nationalist Trade, Union Solidarity, Towards a New Luddite Doctrine with Examples From Iraq; Monsters and Miracles?, The Compliant Gene and the Selfish Gene (about the ideas in two books), Head to Heart

Alternative Green Issue 40:

Contents: News; The Anarcho-primitivism of John Zerzan; Two views of Global Warming; Wayne Sturgeon of Alternative Green interviews Anne Belsey of the Money Reform Party; The English Democrats’ Annual Conference Reviews a Year of Campaigning and Struggle; Downs by Law; Did Nothing Gleam in Iraq?; Unearthing Forgotten Threads in English Thought; Resurrecting Bygone Beasts; A Steady World.

Also available:

To End Poverty, The Starvation of the Periphery by the Core by Richard
Hunt (hardback), £10 including postage and packing.