The Acting Witan and The Constitution of Mercia

The publication of The Constitution of Mercia marks a vital step in a continuing programme of positive action designed to achieve the re-creation of Mercia as an autonomous and sustainable bioregion within an English confederation. The document has been inspired by the ideas of the radical political movement extant in England for almost a millennium which has campaigned to free its historic and natural regions from the illegal and suffocating control of the authoritarian forces of the United Kingdom. Consequently, The Constitution offers the people of Mercia a new holistic society based on organic democracy, co-operative community and ecological balance.

The production of The Constitution is the direct result of the UK government's complete refusal to engage in any talks on the the future of the Midlands with the democratic regionalists represented by the Mercia Movement. This high-handed and hypocritical rejection of discussions occurred in spite of the Government's 1997 election manifesto commitment to 'the democratic renewal of our country through decentralisation' and to 'decentralise power throughout the United Kingdom'. Therefore, the Mercia Movement produced a draft Constitution, based on the principles presented in its 1997 Mercia Manifesto, and invited the people of the Midlands to consider its contents and implications through the Mercian Constitutional Convention, which was formed in March 2001.

The Convention decided to amend the document and spent over two years modifying the text to produce The Constitution, which consequently is now the ultimate legal authority in Mercia, but remains subject to amendment by the people of the region. Finally, as a result of completing its work with the publication of this document, the Convention has now become the Acting Witan of Mercia, to spearhead the full democratisation of the region and the re-establishment of its de facto independence under The Constitution of Mercia.

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